Monday, June 12, 2006


Last night was my first rematch against the idiot I got suspended for clotheslining a few months ago.

He was up to his old tricks, picking on the same girl he got physical with last time. I felt like my hands were tied though - I knew the refs were watching me closely. I played physical with him but within the rules (mostly.) We had concurrent minors once when things got a little heated, but otherwise no fireworks.

I beat him for a goal, tying the game at 4. I let out a primal yell and stared him down after scoring, but he had his share of good plays against me as well. Twice he managed to screen our goalie in spite of my stick in his lower back. In the end, his team got the last laugh (again) with a 6-4 win.

The highlight of the evening was clearly when he was chasing me from behind, while one of his teammates was closing in on me from ahead...I sidestepped the contact, and the two of them collided violently. Idiot Boy was unconscious for a few moments (or perhaps he was just very comfortable with his arms spread-eagled and his nose pressed up against the floor.) And while I've never made fun of an unconscious person before, I did get in a few satisfying jabs about the Keystone Kops before he came to.

I topped off the night with yet another loss in my other hockey league - this time 7-2 - although I did manage to score a goal again.


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