Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's a zoo out there

Looks like God isn't in the business of saving folks from lions anymore. After Daniel, he decided that trick was old hat.

Now, I'm not saying this disproves the existence of God...hell, if I was God, I'd have let this guy die too. Probably in a more spectacularly painful way, but it's nice to know that me and God are at least on the same page.

Limping around today after hurting my hip in a hockey game last night. It's been a brutal season for both teams, but we did manage a 6-2 victory with only five skaters.

Stocks are kicking my ass as well...I sold Movado and Marcus Corp. last week, for very modest gains, just to raise a little cash in what is truly a sickening market. I'm still overinvested and looking for ways to lighten up. Some real bargains are being created each day, but I've got no money to take advantage.


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