Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wither Koy?

Not that you noticed, or likely care, but the Eagles signed another QB today. A free-agent from Texas, who hardly played in college (he was Vince Young's back-up), Nordgren doesn't seem like a guy who would threaten to break into the top three spots on the depth chart.

Here's the subplot: Koy Detmer dropped to #3 last year, and did so poorly when he played, that the Eagles stuck with Mike McMahon through a dismal 2-6 finish where the offense was even worse than their record would indicate. Even though McMahon was the better option at QB, he got released while Koy remains on the team. Why? Because he's the holder for David Akers.

So this sentence in the article really jumped out at me:

As a senior, Nordgren was the holder on special teams.

Nordgren might not be the guy who replaces Koy Detmer, but this signing is a clear signal that the Eagles are actively looking for that replacement. After the draft, when they didn't select a QB, I figured Koy was safe for another year...but maybe not. Or they might stash Nordgren on the practice squad for a season and keep Koy around. But it's pretty clear now that his days in Philly are numbered.

I'm amazed that this story isn't getting any play in the Philly press at all, but the Eagles are going to have a real decision at WR in training camp. NFL teams generally carry five WRs on their active roster, and the bottom two play on special teams. Reggie Brown is the clear #1 and Jabar Gaffney should be #2. The remaining three spots will be fought over by four players: Todd Pinkston, Greg Lewis, Jason Avant, and Jeremy Bloom. Bloom was drafted as a speedy return man, something the Eagles have lacked, so he seems like a lock for #5. Avant is a fourth-round draft pick with great hands...with his cheap salary and a rookie's willingness to play special teams, he seems like a good candidate for #4. That leaves Pinkston and Lewis, #2 and #3 on the depth chart starting last year, fighting for the last roster spot. One of them will have to go, and since they have both been starters for the Eagles, it figures to be fairly big news.

So much for my braggadocio...my stocks are getting crushed. They gave up most of their one-day gains yesterday, and gave the rest back today.


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