Friday, May 19, 2006

I told you so, again

Interesting day for stocks. The Dow was up a measly 0.14%, the NASDAQ up 0.62%. But the stocks I mentioned two days ago had a banner day.

I don't suppose that any of you took my advice and caught the 13.1% gain in Marvell today. Or the 5.32% gain in Genentech. Or even the tiny little 2.21% gain in Gilead!

It's not too late though. Broadcom should be trading along with Marvell, but it was only up 2% (and is down after-hours.) The industrials and raw material stocks aren't quite ready to buy, but you wouldn't be wrong to start with a small portion of your position right here. Banks and financials? I can't touch them yet, not with the Fed possibly going up another full 100 points. Maybe they've bottomed already, but I'm not willing to bet on it with so many other good stocks working right now.


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