Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The party of integrity

Remember when the Republicans tried to impeach Clinton for getting a blow job in the Oval Office? They demanded that integrity be restored to our country's highest office.

Their latest victory in the war for integrity includes cheating gerrymandering redistricting the grand old state of Texas to give the Republicans 6 more seats in the House of Representatives. Instead of a Democratic edge in the Texas delegation of 17-15, Republicans now enjoy a 21-11 lead. This plan, brought to you by Mr. Integrity himself, the now-resigned Tom DeLay, was upheld by the largely Bush-appointed Texas Supreme Court.

A party with so much "integrity" shouldn't have to resort to cheap tactics to retain control of Congress. But rest assured that your average American is intelligent enough to see through these bold manipulations of the system and will vote to correct these wrongs in November.

Or they'll forget all about it, glued to their TVs to watch the next riveting David Blaine special. Hard to tell.


At 4:35 PM, Blogger millhousethecat said...

Here's a plan proposed by a man ("The Hammer") ousted from his position of political power for laundering money. Sorry. Allegedly laundering money. He allegedly paid his wife and daughter $500,000 from contributions made to his political campaign.

It's pathetic how apathetic Americans are about their own government.

I sat in my Teaching Social Studies class one night a few weeks ago when the professor asked how many people had voted in the last major election (we're not talking local politics, we're talking the very election that allowed George W. to have a second go-round). Over half the people in class admitted to not voting, and half of them admitted to not even being registered to vote.

We hail our freedoms, praise our position in the world, take pride in living in "the greatest country in the world" while most of us sit on our asses, remote control in hand, criticism of the government spouting from our mouths.

We can only hope that the David Blaine special isn't broadcasted the same night as the next presidential election or we're all screwed.

At 2:01 PM, Blogger Sweet Tea said...

You are completely right...most Americans do bitch endlessly about government without making even the modest once-every-four-years effort to change it.

But here's the we even want to motivate those vacuous, irresponsible masses to help decide our fate? Or are we better off leaving them on the couch? Honestly, I wish there was an all-day Nascar race during election day...there would never be another member of the Bush family elected to office.

Capitalism is the equivalent of an economic meritocracy...while democracy is the equivalent of governmental mediocracy. When the unintelligent and unthinking govern themselves, how can we ever hope for excellence?


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