Monday, May 08, 2006

Who would have guessed

I realize you might find this difficult to believe, but...a new Harvard study suggests that...I hope you are sitting down...teenagers like sex, teenagers lie about sex, and that abstinence pledges don't actually prevent teens from having sex. Thank God that someone is researching this stuff.

One interesting note is that teens who are born-again Christians are more likely to lie about sex than non-Christians. Someone help me pick my jaw up off the floor, please.

The implications are staggering. Here I was, secure in the belief that teens were, for the first time in history, exercising iron-fisted control over their dirty little desires. But alas, instead of living in a world of beautiful self-denial and excessive masturbation, I realize I'm back in the same old hell where teenagers have sex.

For some seriously thought-provoking rebuttal to this study, I recommend reading the response from the Concerned Women For America. Here are a few highlights for the lazy:

“This new ‘finding’ by Harvard is misleading and deceptive."
The Harvard study draws no conclusions - in fact they go out of their way to remind the reader that they aren't drawing any conclusions. So are you saying the answers given by the teens themselves (the results were self-reported) were misleading and deceptive?

And then, there's this gem:

"The Harvard report is wrong. I know numerous couples who have saved sex for their wedding night."
Ooooohh...anecdotal evidence. Not just one, but numerous couples. Please excuse me while I wash out my eyes, so I can forget ever reading about this study. If she knows numerous couples, then this survey is clearly bunk.

Look...surveys are done all the time that have skewed results, thanks to biased questions or non-representative sample populations. If you were an intelligent person, you'd research the methodology of the survey and probably come up with some legitimate complaints. Of course, if you were an intelligent person, you probably wouldn't be spending your days writing rebuttals to scientific research on a religious right website.

Read about my favorite commercials on TV. There have been numerous complaints that these spots are...too violent. VW has responded by saying that they mainly show them after 9pm. I'm not sure how my child is going to be harmed by seeing what a car accident looks like, and be reminded of how important it is to buckle up...but at least it's not teens having sex.

Also read why you should keep six months of food and water in your house for the inevitable pandemic of bird flu. Or is it car accidents? (Deaths from traffic accidents worldwide since 2003: 4 million...deaths from bird flu: 113). Enjoy my blog now, because the Internet could go down within 48 hours of the bird flu pandemic. Really, someone paid a lot of money for Booz-Allen to produce that report.


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