Thursday, April 06, 2006

What was Joe Banner thinking?

I'm not sure why, but the Eagles really let one get away this week.

Eric Moulds signed with Houston. The only legit #1 receiver available this offseason, not including Terrell Owens, Moulds would have been an ideal fit for the Eagles.

McNabb needs a big, sure-handed target that knows how to get open on a 12-yard route on 3rd and 10. No one on the team currently fills this role, unless the Eagles are counting on second-year player Reggie Brown to suddenly bloom into a stud. This is Eric Moulds. On a dreadful team last year, he still managed 80 catches.

He went to Houston for a song - $14 million over 4 years (the Eagles are $30+ million under the salary cap) - and the Texans only gave up a 5th-rounder for him. The Eagles should have been jumping for joy to part with a 4th-round draft pick and $14 million (not all of which is guaranteed) for Eric Moulds. This is as much of a no-brainer as exists in sports.

Instead, the Eagles seem to be pinning their hopes on young, inconsistent, non-producers. They face the weakest WR draft class in years, and the spot of their first round selection - #14 - is too early to reach for a Santonio Holmes or Chad Jackson. They'd be better off trading down into the 20s, or selecting someone like Jason Avant in the 3rd round. But really, they blew it here...WR should have been sewn up with the addition of Moulds, and the draft could have focused on other areas of need.

Lots of action in my stock portfolio this week. Kissed goodbye to BHP Billiton and John Deere after seeing more than 10% gains in both. Sold half my position in King Hal. Picked up some Oakley, Movado, and Marchex. Pretty much everything in my portfolio is working right now except for Genentech, and that's biting me in the ass pretty hard. Overall, it's been a real good quarter though, and I'd be greedy if I didn't lock in some gains.


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