Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Short attention span

My interest in curling seems to have faded as fast as my interest in blogging. The men's team played in the bronze medal game sometime since my last post, and I neither watched the match, nor did I take two seconds to look up the results. So we either won a bronze medal or we didn't. /yawn

I took my profits in Cummins and it's up $3 more since then. I never know when to get out of a stock. But I figured I should be happy with a 20%+ gain in a $4 billion company, over the span of a couple months. Too bad all my investments don't work out that well, like the Comcast that I also sold. Talk about a dog.

Started to play Civilization IV some this weekend. And by "some", I mean "forgetting to eat, drink, or sleep for long periods of time". This is a really solid game, especially for anyone who enjoys epic strategy and ancient history (guilty on both counts.) Many thanks go to my wife, who has shouldered the burden of my near-constant play and resulting detachment from reality. (See honey, I mentioned you in my blog! Brownie points for me!)

In closing, I leave you with some timeless dialogue from the Simpsons:

Coach (lying on the ground): Why did you [hit me with that chair]? I was begging for mercy!
Homer: I saw my advantage and I took it. That's what heroes do. (turns his head to the right, fists on hips, striking the classic Superman pose)


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