Thursday, March 09, 2006

A pleasant swim

Yes! Coldwater Creek reported blowout earnings last night and the stock surged today. So far the stock is up 39% since I bought it. I quickly dumped half my holding to lock in some profit, and I'm letting the rest ride. Nice to be right once in a while!

Aren't election-year politics great? Or at the very least, sickening? House Republicans, feeling threatened by predictions of Democratic victories in November, are making a political football out of the Dubai ports deal. There's absolutely no basis in fact to feel threatened by this deal...the UAE is a staunch ally in the war on terror, and most of our western ports are owned by foreign companies anyway (China, for instance.) But Congress is playing off America's (understandable) Islamophobia to get a boost in the polls. Pathetic.

South Dakota doesn't have any state income tax, and when I was an independent consultant, I worked with a few people that incorporated there to save a little dough. But then they go and do something like this. Gratz to all those who voted for increased government spending and curtailed individual looks like your dreams are coming true! Now you'll have an extra 800 babies a year growing up with the spectre of "If mom and dad lived in North Dakota, you wouldn't be here right now" hanging over their heads. I'm sure they'll get all the love and attention that small children deserve, and they'll live happy, fulfilling lives.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger sparrowlegs said...

Mommy, who's my daddy?

I don't know. You were conceived when I was gang raped by six guys and beaten to within an inch of my life. ...I still love you though.


How is it that you're only 12 years older than your son?


South Dakota?


At 10:21 PM, Blogger millhousethecat said...

Doctors get five years imprisonment for performing abortions in South Dakota. Unborn child gets lifetime of misery in South Dakota. Republicans bask in the glory of being in touch with exactly none of the women who populate their state. Priceless.


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