Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Radio you can beat off to

Two entries today. Make sure to check out my first post as well.

At the risk of sounding like a corporate shill, I really love my Sirius radio. It is perfect for me. My six presets are three music channels (all of which play *gasp* new rock/alternative, without commercials), CNBC, Howard Stern 100, and NFL Radio. I get 24-hour NFL talk, 24-hour Howard Stern replays, every NFL/NHL/NBA/NCAA game, Jim Cramer, and the dreamy Maria Bartiromo. She pins down truth-dodging CEOs on tough questions like no other interviewer I've seen. She told one well-respected executive that she'd be happy to let him read his scripted responses...after he answered her question. One of her coworkers called her 'unconscionable' on the air. Excuse me while I wipe the, uh, drool off my keyboard.

I'm too lazy to download MP3s, but I can almost always find one decent song between the three channels. I never sit in my car for 4.5 hours straight, but I can listen to bits and pieces of the Howard Stern show as it is replayed throughout the day. Unfortunately, I missed yesterday's show, where three porn stars sampled these *NWS* machines *NWS* live on the air. One listener called up and suggested that Howard give the girls their own 30-minute show, where it was just them and the machines, "you know, no talking or anything." Hey buddy, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I hear there is porn on something called the Internet. You can beat off all you like while actually looking at naked chicks, not just listening to them.


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