Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Natural selection at work

Completely off-topic, but disturbing. My head would look absolutely ridiculous on Sherry's body. I think it would, anyway, based on the time I tried on her clothes when she wasn't home. Her bras were way too tight.

Anyway, here's some evidence that ugly people shouldn't have kids. Attention ugly parents: please make sure at least some of your offspring make it to adulthood, because without you, there'd be no one to take my order at McDonald's.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger millhousethecat said...

Dear Diary,

Today Sweet Tea made me laugh out loud. That was a good thing.

The only problem is, since I have no need for a cumbersome bra, what with my chest like that of an eleven year old girl who drinks milk that hasn't come from some steroid-fed cow, he must have been trying on bras that belong to my husband. Maybe that explains the "cross dressing" search on his blog.

Nary a bother. Sweet Tea made me smile. Maybe he'll ask me to Prom and we can dry hump in the back of his bitchin' Camaro.



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