Saturday, April 29, 2006

Eagles' first round

I'm pumped. Broderick Bunkley dropped to the Eagles at #14. Pretty much no one had him falling that far, so the Eagles got a real steal. They were reportedly in talks to trade up to #8 to select him, but instead remained patient and he dropped into their lap.

Buffalo really made this happen, by completely boning their pick...taking a mid- to late-round graded player at #8. I'm really glad I'm not a Buffalo fan...that team is moving in the wrong direction completely. Whitner is a very good player, but they could have traded down 10 spots and still selected him.

Detroit made a bit of a head-scratcher as well, selecting Ernie Sims all the way up at #9. They were in a tough spot, though, wanting a LB or DB and none on the board worthy of a #9 selection at that point. Would have been a good time to trade down, but they didn't, so they helped the Eagles.

By the time the Eagles selection rolled around, they had two players on my wish list to choose from, and they took nearly all of their alotted 15 minutes deciding which one they wanted. They took the right guy in the end.

Bunkley will make an immediate impact. He'll be one of the Eagles' strongest DTs against the run, and one of their most agile interior pass rushers as well. The Eagles defense is better than it was a few hours ago...Bunkley will make many big plays on Sunday this year.

I'm hoping they get either WR Derek Hagan, ASU, or LB Thomas Howard, UTEP, in the second round.

I never expected the Flyers to fight their way back into their series. But Forsberg has carried them to a tie in the seven game series. Statistically, the team that wins the fifth game in a seven-game series is the team that wins the whole thing. So tomorrow's game in Buffalo is huge. Go Flyers!


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