Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Avian intelligence

I came back from golf yesterday (yeah, I'm on vacation) and I heard a strange tapping at my window. I discovered a robin, repeatedly flying beak-first into the glass. He'd sit on a nearby branch, glance over at the window, then fly in for the kill.

Now I'm not sure if this bird was drunk on fermented berries, or fighting his reflection, but in either case he continued running face-first into my window for over four hours. I was initially fascinated but then just plain annoyed. It made me want to buy a .22 rifle and vote Republican. Actually, I'll vote Republican in 2008 if McCain runs, but plenty of time to blog about that later.

This morning, at 7am, my son comes running into the room...

Dad, the Knocking Bird is back again!

Apparently one long day of head bashing wasn't enough. Thankfully, he's found something else to do at the moment. Or maybe he's lying dead under the window, I haven't looked. I'm just enjoying the quiet.

Poker continues...I went down over $100, but I've clawed my way back into the black. With the $95 bonus, I'm up $160 now. I've so far had much better luck in tournaments than the 2/4 limit games. I won a 6-seat tournament and a 20-seater yesterday, and finished up second in a 10-seater. Time to cash out and move on to a new poker site.


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