Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So, my boss is in India...

My boss is on a two-week vacation to India (about four days of which will be spent in airplanes or airports, lucky him.) Before he left, he let me know that the project I've been working on was delayed indefinitely. Being the conscientious employee that I am, I asked him for something else to do. But he left without ever answering my request, so I'm left to my own devices.

In a strange fit of boredom, my devices led me to do something productive, and make some much-needed enhancements to my indefinitely-delayed project. Unfortunately, in the middle of these changes, I found out that 'indefinitely' now means 'until yesterday'. Which meant that yesterday was a mad scramble to finish (and test, sort-of) these changes before the code freeze. Yet another example of how initiative is punished by Corporate America's lack of planning. Had I simply played on-line poker while pretending to work, I could have saved myself a lot of stress. Lesson learned!

Don't ask me how, but the US Hockey Team 'earned' a berth in the medal round by going 1-3-1 in the round robin. They'll be eliminated from the tournament today by the undefeated Finns, who have given up a whole two goals in five games. Meanwhile, our curlers have a semi-final match against Canada tonight! I'm nearly frothing at the mouth with excitement.