Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Caffeine, thou are my mistress

A day just isn't complete without 32 ounces of Mountain Dew (preferably frozen into slushee goodness.) But the sugar in that drink could make enough ethanol to fuel my car for a week. So occasionally I do try to skip a day, in the interest of preserving my girlish figure. And yesterday I nearly pulled it off...finally succumbing to my caffeine addicition and chugged down a can of Coke at 10pm.

Really interesting show on the History Channel last night about the tsunami of 2004. Yeah it's old news by now, but it was still fascinating. The force of the earthquake that caused the tsunami was so great that it effected the earth's rotation. The day of the tsunami was extended by almost three microseconds because the earth's rotation slowed when the plates shifted. The same amount of force could be achieved by approximately 10,000 strategically placed nuclear bombs.

Played hockey last night also, in the league I'm not suspended. We won 4-2, putting our record at 5-1-1. I'm real happy with our team success, but I wish I could say I was contributing more. Zero goals and zero assists this season. And my defense has been only mediocre, with too many mistakes sprinkled in otherwise decent play. Last night our goalie really came up big, covering up two major errors on my part. But at least my kids came to watch! My son's first question after the game: Daddy, why do you keep missing the goal so much?

The US Olympic hockey team lost twice this weekend 2-1, in spite of playing well. You wouldn't think a team like Slovakia would be littered with NHL stars, but they are. You can't say the US team is more talented than either team they lost to. Looks like they may miss the medal round, unlike the US men's curling team!

I'm off to Do the Dew.