Sunday, November 01, 2009

Eagles-Giants Observations

Did you notice?

  • How really, really bad Eli Manning looked? Plagued by inaccuracy, bad decision-making, and throwing off his back foot under pressure, the only thing about him that resembled a highly-paid QB was the name on the back of his jersey.
  • On second-and-six, the Eagles stop the Giants run for a 1-yard loss. A five-yard penalty on the Giants is accepted by Andy Reid, giving the Giants second-and-11 instead of third-and-7. What's the point of this? NFL teams convert 3rd-and-7 less about 30% of the time; is four more yards worth an extra chance to get the first down? The Giants scored on the next play, so I suppose it's moot, but this is a mystifying decision.
  • Leading 33-7 and running the ball effectively, Andy Reid continues to dial up the pass, leading to a sack-fumble.
  • McNabb fumbled twice, both times failing to recognize the blitz pre-snap or feel the pocket collapsing around him. Yes, he passed the ball much better, but these mistakes will kill the Eagles in close games.
  • Trailing 40-17 with 9 minutes in the fourth quarter, Tom Coughlin dials up a 47-yard FG attempt instead of going for it! If the Giants go for it and make, they have a small chance of winning (three TDs and two 2-point conversions tie the game.) But instead, they try to reduce the deficit to 20, effectively giving up any chance of winning. Naturally, they missed.


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