Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 5 Wrap

My worst week so far, barely keeping my head above water.

  • Cleveland at Buffalo -6 - Clowns 6, Bills 3. Loss. The winning QB was 2-17 for 23 yards and a pick. The Bills are finished, Dick Jauron is finished, and everything that T.O. touches turns to shit.
  • Pittsburgh -10.5 at Detroit - Steelers 28, Lions 20. Loss. That late pick six hurt. Run the damn ball!
  • Dallas -9 at Kansas City - Cowboys 26, Chiefs 20 (OT) Loss. Even the Raiders didn't need OT to beat the Chiefs.
  • Minnesota -10 at St. Louis - Vikings 38, Rams 10 Win.
  • Oakland at New York Giants -15.5 - Giants 44, Raiders 7 Win. Remember when I said that drafting JaMarcus Russell was a huge mistake that the Raiders would regret? And no, Brandon Jacobs still didn't score any points for my fantasy team.
  • Tampa Bay at Philadelphia -15 - Eagles 33, Bucs 14 Win. Thank goodness for technology - stuck on the golf course on Sunday behind a parade of crippled sloths, I was able to watch the NFL Sunday Ticket on my iPhone. That Josh Johnson kid looks pretty damned good for playing in his second game. Nice decision-making under pressure to go along with his athletic ability.
  • Washington +4 at Carolina - Panthers 20, Redskins 17 Win.
  • Cincinnati +9 at Baltimore - bonus play: Over 42.5 - Bengals 17, Ravens 14 Win/Loss. The NFL's 3rd-ranked offense scores 7 points against a fired-up Bengals defense.
  • Atlanta at San Francisco -2.5 - Falcons 45, 49ers 10 Loss. The Niners won by 35 last week, and lost by 35 this week. Good luck figuring this shit out, I certainly can't.
  • Jacksonville at Seattle NL - no line, no pick. Seahawks 41, Jags 0. Jags win by 20 then lose by 41. Makes perfect sense.
  • Houston at Arizona -5.5 - Cards 28, Texans 21. Win. Weird, this game was decided by a turnover in the fourth quarter...who could have possibly seen that coming? (Hint: check my previous post.)
  • New England -3.5 at Denver - Broncos 20, Pats 17. Loss. I guess I need to wake up and start treating these teams like what they are...Denver is undefeated and the Pats are mediocre. Preconceptions have been killing me on these two.
  • Indianoplis -4.5 at Tennessee - Colts 31, Titans 9. Win.
  • NY Jets -1.5 at Miami - Dolphins 31, Jets 27. Loss. What does this game tell us? Are the Fins for real under Chad Henne? Was the Jets defense a mirage?

7-7 this week, 38-23-1 for the season.

A quick thought about NFL disparity...when's the last time there were so many truly terrible teams in the NFL? That old adage about Any Given Sunday is being put the rest this year, as teams like the Bucs, Raiders, Chiefs, Titans, Redskins, Bills, Browns, Lions, Rams, and Panthers are completely incapable of beating anyone but each other. (Note: the Jags and Niners, who lost by 41 and 38 respectively this week, are not even included in this club.) That's 1/3 of the league which has no chance of winning each week.


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