Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 8 Picks

The Eagles have a huge game against the Giants this weekend, and they haven't been playing especially well leading up to it. An inaccurate QB, injured RB, and pass-happy coach - any of this sound familiar? - don't help the situation. But are we witnessing a setup for another November/December playoff run, or the beginning of McNabb's decline?

  • Houston -3.5 at Buffalo - I don't like Houston on the road, especially against a defense which is turning the opposition over like Buffalo. But the Bills are a terrible team, who've won the last two weeks in spite of being badly outplayed. I wouldn't be shocked if Buffalo squeaks out another ugly win, but I'll put my money on the better team and take my chances.
  • Cleveland at Chicago -14 - You know you're a bad team when you're a two-TD underdog to a team that just lost 45-10.
  • Seattle at Dallas -10 - Too many injuries for the Seahawks. They'll play better than last week, and make it a game for a while, but the Cowboys pull away in the end.
  • St. Louis +4 at Detroit - If the Rams don't win this week, they'll become the second 0-16 team in two years. They'll play with a desperation that the banged-up Lions won't match.
  • San Francisco +13 at Indianapolis - I'm not confident of this pick...the Colts are capable of blowing anyone out, but the 49ers are a well-coached team, so I'll take the double-digit points.
  • Miami +3.5 at NY Jets -3.5 - I don't think Chad Henne and the Dolphins respond well to their bitter come-from-ahead loss against the Saints. The Jets defense will create turnovers and will be the difference in the game.
  • New York Giants +1 at Philadelphia - This line has moved two points in the Giants' direction, and I tend to bet against moves like that. But there's too much evidence in the Giants' favor: Four wins in a row in Philadelphia, rarely losing three in a row under Tom Coughlin, and no Brian Westbrook.
  • Denver +3 at Baltimore - Undefeated and I get three points? Yeah, I'll take that.
  • Jacksonville +3 at Tennessee - Winless and giving three points? And Vince Young is playing? The Jags are my Lock of the Week.
  • Oakland +17 at San Diego - Who knows if the Raiders will bother to show up this week? They played this division foe tough enough to win in week 1, so I'll take the chance they do it again.
  • Carolina at Arizona -10.5 - Bad matchup for Delhomme, against the #1 rush defense. He'll have to pass a lot, which means 3+ picks for the Cards.
  • Minnesota +3 at Green Bay - It doesn't seem possible that the Pack could be swept by the Favre-led Vikings, but I can't give points in a game this tight.
  • Atlanta +10.5 at New Orleans - The Saints are unbelievably hot, and I think they'll win, but Atlanta's a good team, and will show up for this division battle.


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