Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This and That

Just cleaning up some odds and ends that I've been too lazy to expand into a post on their own...

  • Sarah Silverman won a Creative Arts Emmy for her video Fucking Matt Damon. I'm not sure what a Creative Arts Emmy is, but the video was hilarious. I'm glad she won something for it. What's up, Jimmy? She may not be the hottest thing on two legs, but I'd have a hard time dumping a chick that funny.
  • Donovan McNabb is the best QB in Eagles history, he's playing great, and the Eagles aren't even in that Monday night game without him. But how hard is it for a 10-year veteran to hand off the ball to a running back? The same RB who's been on the team for 6 years? And can you please throw the ball to a WR on 3rd-and-14 instead of getting sacked? At least give the guy a chance to make a play.
  • Am I the only person who knew the Cowboys would score before halftime, if the Eagles left enough time on the clock? I was screaming for a run on second-and-goal instead of the one-yard out pattern that stopped the clock. Time management around the NFL is so bad, it's stunning. NFL teams seriously need to consider hiring someone to be in charge of clock management other than the head coach. Someone who sleeps during the week instead of working 14-hour days. Someone who isn't thinking about playcalling, substitutions, trends, situations, but just the clock. Like me, for instance. I'm available, Andy, just call.
  • Kudos to Mike Shanahan on going for two to win instead of kicking the extra point to send it to overtime. The odds aren't with him - converting a two-point play is successful 43% of the time, while the home team wins about 55% of OT games. But he said his defense was spent, and after giving up 37 points I'd agree with him. He wanted the outcome of the game in the hands of his QB instead of a coin flip, and that's the attitude I want to see in a leader. In a business filled with sheep, Shanahan gets props for having the balls to be different.
  • I'm reluctant to beat this drum again, but with Lehman Brothers gone, Merrill Lynch bought by BAC, and AIG getting bailed out by the Fed, could Cramer have been any more right? I won't link to the video for the fourth time, but it's not hard to find if you forget what he said. And bear in mind that a year ago, he was a lone voice in the wilderness...every other talking head was telling us that things would be ok. How can you not respect a guy who goes way out on a limb, calling out the most powerful financial institution in the world, potentially making a huge fool of himself...and turns out to be dead right?
  • How do the Eagles and Cowboys perform the week after that wild, draining Monday night game? The Cowboys visit the Packers while the Eagles host the Steelers...there's a long way to go in the season, of course, but you could make an argument that these are the best four teams in the NFL right now.


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