Saturday, August 30, 2008

Roster cuts in, no big surprises

I got all the numbers right, even if I got one or two names wrong.

McDougle was the one to go at DE, and I reiterate that it's a mistake. It would have been a stretch to keep seven, but he couldn't have played any better during the preseason. Rocky Boiman gets the nod as the 6th LB, even though he showed nothing at all. It will be interesting to see who picks up McDougle...I'm not sure the Giants could really use him since they're moving Kiwanuka back to DE, so maybe Houston?

Hunt won the job at FB, but he can't feel very secure. If a good FB shows up on the waiver wire, he might replace Hunt. Collins will make the practice squad for sure, ready to take over if there's a misstep.

No word on Max Jean-Gilles, but the fact that he wasn't put on IR is a great sign. That looked like a season-ending knee injury for sure, but instead a couple rookie OLs developed mysterious ailments and landed on IR. King Dunlap and Mike Gibson will spend a year learning on the sidelines. Both will contribute heavily next year. Scott Young didn't make the team, which is another indication that Jean-Gilles should be good to go in short order.

The only other name I got wrong was Kris Wilson. Not terribly surprised that they kept Schobel, since he's familiar with the offense and has good hands, but I'd have gone with the younger, more athletic special-teamer in Wilson.

The practice squad will be filled tomorrow, and I suspect final cuts Arrington, Collins, and Studebaker to be back. Roland and McBride are possibilities as well, but usually the Eagles grab quite a few players from other rosters.


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