Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm sick of college football already

Once again, tremendous matchups like Illinois-Missouri and Alabama-Clemson are the exception, not the rule, of opening weekend. Exciting nailbiters like OSU squeaking by Ohio 43-0, Oklahoma nipping Chattanooga 47-2, and PSU eeking out a 66-10 victory over Coastal Carolina were the order of the day. Announcers are reading the tea leaves, debating the strenghts and weaknesses of conferences and teams, discussing the merits of blowing out cupcakes to impress pollsters.

And we call this a sport?

It's time, it's time, it's long past time. Time for a unified schedule. Here's one very simple idea that would make every week of college football meaningful and fun:
  • Expand each of the six BCS conferences to 12 teams with 2 subdivisions of 6.
  • Each team plays 7 conference games: the five members of its subdivision with two rotating members from the other subdivision.
  • Each team plays 5 non-conference games: the equally ranked team in the other five BCS conferences. So the #6 SEC team plays the #6 Big 12, Big 10, Pac 10, Big East, and ACC teams.
  • Each conference has a championship game between the winners of the subdivisions.
  • Do something similar for six lesser conferences, like the MAC, WAC, Mountain West, etc.
  • The winners of the six BCS conferences, along with two selected winners of minor conferences, advance to an 8-team playoff.

Easy, clean, simple, fair. What could be better? Then maybe I'd care about college football again.


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