Monday, September 01, 2008

Practice Squad

No surprises on the practice squad, the Eagles signed Kyle Arrington, Andy Studebaker, Jed Collins, and Shaheer McBride, as expected. The only minor surprise was Marquardt, who I didn't think would be signed, but when you look at the numbers (only 4 DTs active) it does make sense.

McDougle went to the Giants and the Eagles picked up LB Tank Daniels off waivers. Seems like it would have been smarter to just keep Daniels on the practice squad last year, like I suggested. He will walk right in and be a core contributor on special teams.

It's hard to imagine that the release of McDougle will come back to haunt the Eagles - he's never been healthy, let alone a consistent producer - but pass-rush talent is so difficult to find that I would have found a way to keep him. Still, Daniels is an athletic upgrade over Boiman, and I'm glad to have him back.


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