Friday, May 05, 2006

Inflicting piety

Great quote from William Saletan:'s easy to wage moral crusades when the only freedoms in the way are those of children. Americans have long been driven by two deep longings. The first is to be left alone. The second is to tell other people what to do. On most moral issues—abortion, porn, video games, alcohol, tobacco, guns—the easiest way out is to inflict our piety on minors. All the righteous satisfaction, none of the libertarian backlash. Great taste, less filling.

The full article is here. I don't really recommend reading the whole thing, though. You've already seen the best part. It degenerates into bitter Clinton-bashing. I wouldn't trust Clinton alone with my daughter, but let's be honest...he's been the best president in my lifetime. When your competition is Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bush I, and Bush don't exactly have to light the world on fire to be #1.


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