Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week 15 Wrap

Cover-your-face awful. At least it's not real money. And in just two years now, the world will end and there will be no record of my terrible picks anyway. 4-8-1 this week for a season total of 59-53-2.

  • Jacksonville +3.5 vs. Indianapolis - Colts 35, Jags 31 - LOSS. I didn't expect Manning to play the entire game, and still only lost by half a point.
  • Dallas +7.5 at New Orleans - Cowboys 24, Saints 17 - WIN. Naturally, the only pick I got right is the one I wanted most to be wrong about.
  • Buffalo +7.5 vs. New England - Patsies 17, Bills 10 - WIN. Sometimes the half-point is your friend.
  • Arizona -12 at Detroit - Cards 31, Lions 24 - LOSS. Entering Week 15, teams returning a pick for a TD were 26-0. The Lions made it 26-1.
  • Kansas City -1.5 vs Cleveland - Browns 41, Chiefs 34 - LOSS. The Browns have scored 199 points all season. Two games, against the Lions and the Chiefs, account for 78 of those points, or 39%. The other twelve games, they've scored an average of 10 points.
  • Philadelphia -8 vs San Francisco - Eagles 27, 49ers 13 - WIN.
  • Baltimore -11 vs. Chicago - Ravens 31, Bears 7 - WIN. I admit - I was one of the many people who believed Jay Cutler would make the Bears a playoff team. Instead, he's turned them into a laughingstock, and might just get the coach and GM fired.
  • Denver -14 vs. Oakland - Raiders 20, Broncos 19 - LOSS. JaAwful entered the game and threw the winning TD with 35 seconds remaining in the game. Seriously, I'm at a loss for words.
  • San Diego -7 vs. Cincinnati - Chargers 27, Bengals 24 - LOSS. Nice showing by the Bengals. Not enough to win, but enough to cover. Fuckers.
  • Green Bay +1 at Pittsburgh - Steelers 37, Packers 36 - PUSH. That might have been one of the best regular-season games I've ever seen. Amazing throw by Ben, and a great catch by Wallace at the other end. Is anyone playing defense this season in the NFL? Anyone?
  • Seattle -7 vs. Tampa Bay - Bucs 24, Seahawks 7 - LOSS. Wow, just...wow. I've called out Jim Mora as a bad coach, but I thought it would take a little longer than this for him to ruin the team. Letting a one-win team beat the shit out of you in your own house - that's inexcusable.
  • Minnesota -9 at Carolina - Panthers 26, Vikings 7 - LOSS. Is Jared Allen tired or something? How could the DL of the Vikings allow Matt Moore to beat them, when the Panthers were starting two backup tackles? And don't give me this Brett-Favre-in-December bullshit...the Vikings couldn't run, and let Matt Moore throw all over them. That's not Favre's fault.
  • Washington +3 vs. New York Giants - Giants 45, Redskins 12 - LOSS. Poor Jim Zorn. After this disaster, would you even hire him as an OC? Maybe he can catch on as a QB coach with the new Seattle staff and try to rebuild his career.


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