Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 1 Wrap

Let's check the results:

  • Pittsburgh 13, Tennessee 10 - My pick: Tennessee +6 Win
  • Atlanta 19, Miami 7 - My pick: Atlanta -4 Win
  • Baltimore 38, Kansas City 24 - My pick: KC +13 Loss - Horrible turnover by KC leads to a garbage-time TD in the last minute for a cover. A bit unlucky, as the Chiefs played tough and hung close.
  • Philadelphia 38, Carolina 10 - My pick: Carloina +2 Loss - I couldn't be happier about being wrong.
  • Denver 12, Cincinnati 7 - My pick: Denver +4 Win
  • Minnesota 34, Cleveland 20 - My pick: Minnesota -4.5 Win
  • Jets 24, Houston 7 - My pick: Jets +4.5 Win - Any time you get points against both the Bengals and the Texans in the month of September, it's a true gift.
  • Indianapolis 14, Jacksonville 12 - My pick: Jags +6 Win
  • New Orleans 45, Detroit 27 - My pick: Saints -13 Win
  • Dallas 34, Tampa Bay 21 - My pick: Cowboys -6 Win
  • San Francisco 20, Arizona 16 - My pick: 49ers +6.5 Win
  • Giants 23, Washington 17 - My pick: Giants -6.5 Loss - Screwed by another garbage time TD, and half a point!
  • Seattle 28, St. Louis 0 - My pick: Seattle -8.5 Win
  • Green Bay 21, Chicago 15 - My pick: Packers -3.5 Win
  • New England 25, Buffalo 24 - My pick: Pats -10.5 Loss
  • San Diego 24, Oakland 20 - My pick: Chargers -9 Loss

Amazingly, I finished the week 11-5 against the spread. Now I have to keep picking until I embarrassing myself.

Meanwhile, the Eagles have placed Shawn Andrews on IR to make room for Jeff Garcia. File this one in the 'roster blunder' category for the Eagles. Every year they do something plainly stupid to leave themselves thin at a key position. Two seasons ago it was punt returner, last year it was fullback, and now it's tackle. The current 'swing' tackle, or back-up at either tackle position, is the human turnstile known as King Dunlap. Even though Andrews was coming off a back injury and has a history of mental instability, the Eagles gambled by moving his brother to guard and not re-signing Jon Runyan. And now they're left short at a crucial spot. If either tackle gets hurt in the next game or two, it's going to create a huge problem. If they had simply left Stacy at tackle and Shawn at guard (where they have much better depth), there'd by no problem with Shawn's injury. They also stubbornly refuse to cut one of their seven receivers and sign a veteran tackle like Runyan or Langston Walker. I sure hope this decision doesn't come back to bite them.


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