Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 3 Picks

It's Saturday already, so let's get right to it:

  • Washington at Detroit +6: Detroit won't go 0-16 again, so maybe this is their week.
  • Green Bay -7 at St. Louis: The Rams, on the other hand, might go 0-16.
  • San Francisco at Minnesota -7: I like the 49ers, and I think they'll win their division, but this is a terrible matchup for them. They rely on running the ball, and no one runs against the Vikings.
  • Atlanta at New England -4.5: I swore I wouldn't pick the Pats again after they burned me twice, but I can't help myself. It's just not time yet for Matt Ryan and Roddy White to take the mantle from Tom Brady and Randy Moss.
  • Tennessee +3 at NY Jets: The Titans are too good to be 0-3, and the Jets aren't good enough to be 3-0.
  • Kansas City at Philadelphia -9: Too many injuries in this game, I don't want any part of it. The Eagles tend to bounce back really well after a big loss, but they also suck the week before the bye. In the end, the Eagles defense is too much for the Chiefs.
  • NY Giants -7 at Tampa Bay: I love home dogs, but not this one. The G-Men play too well on the road, are better coached, and have a lot more talent.
  • Cleveland at Baltimore -13.5: Eric Mangini is officially on the hot seat!
  • Jacksonville +4 at Houston: Call it a feeling...but when the Jags were good and the Texans were terrible, Houston always gave them a run for their money. Now that the roles are reversed, I'm smelling an upset.
  • Bears -3 at Seattle: The injuries are mounting in the great Northwest, and Jim Mora still coaches like...Jim Mora.
  • New Orleans -6.5 at Buffalo: I almost pulled the trigger on Buffalo, since the Saints are primed for a letdown after that huge road win against the Eagles. But Trent Edwards over Drew Brees? I can't do it.
  • Pittsburgh -4 at Cincinnati: This is my Lock of the Week, which means you should bet your house against me.
  • Denver at Oakland +2: The Raiders managed to really look bad, even in their win last week. But I can't pick the Broncos to be 3-0. I probably should, but I can't.
  • Miami +6 at San Diego: Too many injuries for the Bolts, and Miami is desperate for a win.
  • Indianapolis +2.5 at Arizona: This is a gift from the football gods...Peyton Manning and the points, take it to the bank.
  • Carolina at Dallas -9: The Cowboys, in recent years, have followed up troubling early-season losses with big wins against mediocre teams. I'm smelling a pattern.


At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad I was at a wedding on Sunday and not able to watch the Steelers CHOKE. I hope you didn't have a bet with the Mrs. on that one, although if you lost your house to her at least it'd still be in the family.

My feeling is that Pitt's defense will probably be more docile until Polamalu gets healthy and back in game shape. Seems like LeBeau won't pin their ears back when he knows the secondary is a little soft. And Jeff Reed? Don't get me started.

I can see the Steelers easily being 4-4 around the midway point of the season when Troy returns, then they charge down the stretch kinda like last season.

Time for me to make some integrals disappear. Who would have conceived of an irrational number such that the derivative of y^x = 1 where x=0!

Euler? Euler? Anyone seen Ferris Euler? Anyone? Anyone?


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