Sunday, September 02, 2007

Didn't see that coming

So Sav Rocca won the punter job after all, even after a botched hold or two in the last preseason game. With such a high percentage of NFL games decided by a field goal, I question whether a few extra yards per punt is worth 3 points here or there...Jeremy Bloom was cut also, because the Eagles didn't want to keep (and activate) a sixth WR unless he showed he was an exceptional return weapon. Greg Lewis now gets the punt return duties, and the Eagles once again have no scoring threat at that position. Also interesting, the Eagles cut three 2007 draft picks yesterday, their 5th, 6th, and 7th-rounders. I'd like to see guys like Gaddis, Barksdale, Murrell, Clark, Lopez, Daniels, Roper, and Sampy signed to the practice squad.

From the Department of Horrible Coaching Moves:

  • Lloyd Carr at Michigan goes for 2 late in the third quarter, in a game that featured little defense. Michigan failed, scored again, went for two (failed again), and ended up losing by...2 points. Once again, proving the Mean Rule of Two-Point Conversions: Never go for two until you have to.
  • Appalachian State, on first down from the Michigan 5 yard-line, with 30 seconds to go, elects to kick the field goal, instead of running out more of the clock. Michigan ended up with a winning FG try because of this decision.
  • Kansas State, down by a FG late to Auburn, had five consecutive plays on which Auburn's RE blew by or ran over the LT. Number of times during those five plays that Kansas State lined up a RB or TE on that side to help the tackle: one. Unsurprisingly, the QB was sacked and fumbled on play #5, game over.
  • Tenessee, trailing by 14 with two minutes left to go in the game, elected to punt on fourth down. I realize the odds of winning aren't great, but is that any reason to give up?


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