Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Draft grades, part II

Green Bay Packers Grade: C
Harrell was slightly surprising, but a solid pick. I thought that Jackson and Jones were reaches, but Rouse and Clowney were good values.

Houston Texans Grade: C+
I liked the first three picks - Okoye, Jones, and Bennett will all be good players and should become starters sometime in 2007. They were missing a second-round pick, or they would have received a higher grade.

Indianapolis Colts Grade: C+
Gonzales, Hughes, Pitcock, and Sessions were excellent picks. They don't represent great value - they went about where they should have, but they fit the Colts' scheme so perfectly that their value to the Colts at those spots is tremendous. I'm confused and disappointed by the Tony Ugoh move...there's no way he's worth a first-round pick from next year, even if it is at the bottom of the first round. Overall, this is a tough class to grade.

Jacksonville Jaguars Grade: C-
Nice move in the first round to trade down and still get the guy they wanted in Reggie Nelson. After that, though, I'm not sure what to think. Their next three picks were two small-school guys and a punter, and I'm not familiar with any of them. They passed on a lot of big-school, well-known prospects for these guys that I've never heard of.

Kansas City Chiefs Grade: C
Bowe should be an immediate starter, while both McBride and Tyler have a chance to contribute quickly. They could have used an OT earlier than round 6...too bad they couldn't pull off the trade with Miami, and pick up someone like Doug Free in round 4.

Miami Dolphins Grade: F
What the fuck? Why not come out of the first two rounds with Brady Quinn and Dwayne Jarrett, instead of Ted Ginn and John Beck? Booker's a reach in the third round. Paul Soliali is supposed to be a good fit for them in round 4, but you can't go brain-dead for the first three rounds and expect a good grade.

Minnesota Vikings Grade: A-
Peterson and McCauley are instant starters and were great value at those spots. Allison should be a sub-package receiver who contributes on special teams and third down. I don't like the Sydney Rice pick - he refused to run a 40 at his workout, because "the ground was too hard", and he's from the same school as NFL studs Todd Pinkston and Troy Williamson - and they passed on both USC receivers to take this guy.

New England Patriots Grade: C
Meriweather is a nice pick in the first round - I wanted him for the Eagles - but then not another pick until the fourth. Have to give them some credit for the Randy Moss trade - he's definitely worth a fourth-round gamble. They added some picks for next year, which is definitely a plus, but I chose not to factor that heavily into their grade for this draft.

New Orleans Saints Grade: D
A team desperate for CB and LB help drafts a WR in the first round, and while Meachem's a good one, they definitely should have considered defense with that spot. Young was a reach in round 3, and I don't see Pittman as a good fit in round 4.

New York Giants Grade: C+
First four picks were solid and should all be starters by the end of 2008. I had Jarrett rated higher than his teammate Smith, but I guess that Smith is a better complement to Plaxico Burress.

New York Jets Grade: B
I really like Revis and Harris for this team, but the Jets paid a heavy price for them, not getting another pick until the sixth round. Both should be immediate contributors.

Oakland Raiders Grade: C
Russell was a no-brainer, I guess, because they needed a QB so badly. But despite his amazing physical tools, I'm leery of him as a top pick. LSU didn't put the game in his hands - they passed 15-20 times a game - but yet Oakland has faith they he can win for them. A lot of scouts say he's the real deal, and that he played in a complex offense and handled it well, but I'm just not convinced. Michael Bush was a great fourth-round value, but the rest of the draft was unexceptional.

Philadelphia Eagles Grade: F
I can't say this about any other team, but the Eagles may actually be worse after this draft. If they would have fallen asleep during their first selection and never turned in a card, they'd be better off. Kevin Kolb is a shotgun, 3/4 delivery QB from a school that produced such NFL legends as Andre Ware and David Klingler. He's got enough potential that he's worth a fourth-round flier, but at the top of the second round, he just creates more turbulence than he's worth. If Kolb turns out to be a stud NFL QB - worthy of the #35 pick in the draft - I'll drive to Philly and kiss Andy Reid on the lips. Abiamiri's really not a bad selection - I was a little harsh on him that first day - but if you wanted a DE, you should have just taken Spencer in the first round and then drafted Kolb at the bottom of the second. I love Tony Hunt in round 3, he will have a bigger impact on this offense than most people believe. No idea why they drafted Brent Celek instead of Ben Patrick, and no idea why they waited until round 5 to draft a DB.

Pittsburgh Steelers Grade: B-
Their first three picks will all be good NFL players who fit the Steelers' scheme, even if none of them represent great value.

Bored again. I may get to the last few teams, or I may not.


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