Thursday, April 26, 2007


The Eagles drafted almost exactly as I hoped last year - snagging two of the potential first-round picks I projected for them - and yet the biggest contributor from that draft class was their 5th-round pick. While Bunkley and Justice could still develop into solid pros, I'm hopeful that this year's draft has more immediate impact.

First pick:
Brandon Merriweather - This safety fits the Eagles' defensive scheme the best. Can play the deep half, cover man-to-man in the slot, and throws his body around in run support. Doesn't have ideal size.
Aaron Ross - A tall corner who plays strong against the run.

If these two players are not available at 26, then expect the Eagles to try and trade down into the top of the second round. At the top of the second round, they'll target safeties Michael Griffin or Tanard Jackson, or corners Chris Houston, Eric Wright, or Marcus McCauley.

I'd be shocked if the Eagles didn't go CB or S with their first pick. There's a small chance they could take a DE or LB, but only if someone with a high grade unexpectedly falls into their lap.

Second pick:
The Eagles definitely like speed rusher Lamar Woodley, and despite the talent they have at DE, the Eagles will take him in the second round if he's still on the board. If he's gone, expect them to look at a WR like Craig Davis or Jason Hill, or safety Eric Weddle. I'd love to see them pick up DE Tim Crowder, who I expect to be an excellent pro, but he doesn't exactly fit the mold of recently drafted ends like Trent Cole and Juqua Thomas.

Third pick:
In the third round, I'll be crossing my fingers for RB Tony Hunt. Maybe I'm just being a homer, but after watching him run over people for years at PSU, I see him as a perfect complement to Brian Westbrook. The Eagles would love it if TE Ben Patrick was still on the board, but that would be an upset. They could also go with LBs Rufus Alexander or Buster Davis.

Just one more day til Saturday!


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