Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sometimes I hate being right

Exactly as I predicted, the Eagles traded down into the top of the second round when both Ross and Merriweather were off the board.

They got great compensation for their pick - adding a 3rd-rounder and a 5th-rounder for a drop of 10 spots - but it still may be something they live to regret. The player that the Cowboys picked in that spot is a good one. Anthony Spencer, DE from Purdue, was named as the toughest opponent faced by both top 5 OTs - Joe Thomas and Levi Brown. He's a real player, and someone whom I thought the Eagles would draft if he fell to them. Every time he knocks down McNabb, Eagles fans will think back to this trade and shake their heads.

I'm also very surprised they didn't pick TE Greg Olsen, since he had a mid-first-round grade, and L.J. Smith is in the last year of his contract. No one expected him to fall this far.

So is it a good move? I guess we'll find out a couple years down the road. The Eagles got great value, and still have a chance to snag Jackson/McCauley in the second round, but did they really have to trade with a division rival, and allow them to pick up a tremendous pass rusher?


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