Sunday, March 04, 2007

Movie Review: Irreversible


It's how you'll feel watching this movie, and the only way I can descibe the mental state of the writers and director.

You might be intrigued by the numerous awards won by this movie in the Best Foreign Film category. Or maybe you just want to see the exquisite nakedness of Monica Belucci. But unless you are hoping to watch a sadistic teen fantasy through the lens of nauseous camera work, you'll be sorely disappointed by this film.

There are three types of scenes in Irreversible:
1) Sex scenes
2) Scenes of brutality (often including sex)
3) Scenes where the characters talk about sex.

None of the scenes are thought-provoking or engaging. Even though the dialogue is occasionally dubbed in spanish instead of english, you'll never feel like you're missing anything. The dialogue that does get translated is banal and repetitive. This is essentially porn, although you need to see a therapist if it gives you a boner. Irreversible isn't quite a snuff flick (sorry JC, no link) but it takes the same kind of mentality to enjoy it.

I feel dirty for having watched this trash. I feel embarrassed for film critics, and for humanity in general, that this misogynisitic, gay-bashing, mess of a movie would actually receive awards. The only award Irreversible should win is "Best Bludgeoning Death by a Fire Extinguisher".

Ah well, less than a week til 300. Unfortunately, it deviates wildly from historical fact, and instead offers a mythological account of an actual event. But it's pretty fucking cool anyway.


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