Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Clipped Wings

The Eagles thankfully released the two worst "football players" from their team today. Todd Pinkston and Koy Detmer got the axe to the delight of fans everywhere. Except, of course, in Minnesota, who reportedly has interest in Pinkston.

I'll never forgive Pinkston for being a sissy...his alligator arms against Washington, and his "lack of focus" against Carolina are forever burned in my memory as moments I was embarrassed to call myself an Eagles fan.

Koy, at least, provided a good memory or two over the years...the inexplicable spanking motions he made in Brett Favre's direction after he threw a TD pass, the fantastic half of play in a Monday Night game against San Francisco before getting injured, and the valiant almost-comeback he led in the playoffs (before he predictably threw a pick in the end zone.) You have to give the guy credit...he looked more like a water boy, or the guy that water boys beat up, than a football player. I've seen third-grade girls who were taller and had more arm strength, but he somehow managed a multi-year NFL career. He even had a bright moment here and there. While I have no hard feelings for Koy (unlike Todd, who I hope is hit by a bus on his way out of town), it's clear that his better days were behind him and it was time for the team to move on.


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