Friday, August 11, 2006

Eagles 20, Browns 7

Even though the score was better, the starters were not as impressive as the first game. Penalties were a real problem on both sides of the ball. A few notes:

  • McNabb was sharp again, although most of his passes were to the check-down back. Since Cleveland seemed to be rushing 3 and dropping 8 a lot, I guess that isn't surprising.

  • The starting offensive line was good, not great. McNabb had no pressure at all when he dropped back to pass. Garcia was sacked once while the starters were still in the game, as Thomas never got into position to pick up his man after the TE released. Running lanes were open, but the motley collection of RBs didn't take advantage (due to injuries, the Eagles were starting their 4th-string HB.)

  • The starting defensive line was good, but not dominating. Cleveland had a couple of nice gains on the ground, and Frye had too much time to pass.

  • Hank Baskett made a great catch with a defender all over him. The good news is that he made the catch, the bad news is that he wasn't able to get any separation from the DB. This will be his story throughout the year. He's an athletic receiver with a big body, but not much speed. Think of a less-talented Michael Irvin.

  • Jabar Gaffney continues to be invisible, but Darnarien McCants is making a strong push for a roster spot. I might keep McCants over Greg Lewis. Gaffney has to come around...he caught 55 balls in a horrific Houston offense last year, so he can definitely play.

  • The back-up OL was fantastic, giving Jeff Garcia time to throw.

  • The back-up DL was again strong, with great performances from Cole and Ramsey. Bunkley showed amazing strength on one play, bull-rushing his blocker directly back into the QB. McDougle finally had a sack. This DL is 10 deep and is going to create some real problems on cutdown day. (Maybe Cleveland would like one of them for Lee Suggs or William Green?) Even bottom-of-the-depth-chart Keyonta Marshall played well, and he should be on an NFL team this year.

  • I like Omar Gaither. Matt McCoy plays hard, but seemed to get caught out of position a couple times. Chris Gocong wasn't on the field again. Jason Short is a special teams animal, but I don't see how he makes the team with the young LBs they drafted.

  • Jason Davis and Thomas Tapeh both looked good running the ball, but where are the roster spots for these guys?


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