Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Eagles pre-season game #1

Slow getting this posted, but I can't wait much longer, since their second game is tomorrow already.

The Eagles' first team looked very sharp in limited action on Sunday night.

  • The defense held the Raiders to -3 yards in two series. The defensive line was dominating, both against the run and the pass.

  • The offense scored a touchdown on their only drive, running the ball effectively and completing all three pass attempts.

  • The starting offensive line had their way with the Raiders. Aside from one missed block on a running play, they were essentially flawless.

  • McNabb was very accurate. On two of the three passes, the receivers had very little separation and he threw it to the correct shoulder of the receiver.

The biggest negative was the back-up offensive linemen. Once the starters left the game, there were no running lanes and no time for the QBs to throw. Granted, there were a lot of in-game injuries, but the play of Max Jean-Gilles and Troy Darilek was especially disappointing. I'm expecting these guys to step up and be contributors this year, but they need to improve quickly.

Trent Cole and Juqua Thomas had great games, and look like the real deal at DE. Jerome McDougle continues to be unimpressive. I realize he hasn't played football for two years, but I keep waiting for this guy to show some flashes of the physical talent he's supposed to have. I just don't see it.

Matt McCoy and Greg Richmond were unspectacular but serviceable. Where was Chris Gocong? I didn't stay awake for the fourth quarter, but I didn't see him at all up to that point. Omar Gaither is better than expected, in spite of his mental error on the 27-yard halfback pass.

LaJuan Ramsey looks like a player, and he may end up costing Ed Jasper or Sam Rayburn a spot on the roster. Unless the Eagles keep six DTs, there's a good player at this position who is going to be cut.

The WR logjam may resolve itself through injuries. Jeremy Bloom and Todd Pinkston could both end up on the IR, or at least the PUP, to start the season. That leaves Brown and Baskett starting, Gaffney in the slot as the #3, Lewis #4, and Avant #5. Gaffney needs to improve or he's going to slide down the depth chart. The only pass that went in his direction on Sunday was intercepted, because he stumbled coming out of his break. I really thought he'd excel in this offense, but instead he's been invisible. The Eagles like the trio of Brown, Baskett, and Avant a lot, but they are obviously very raw. Ignore the rumors about Lelie...I can't see the Eagles adding another disgruntled receiver to the fold, even though he'd be a decent fit. This receiving corps does lack deep speed, and should Pinkston remain injured, Lelie would offer a vertical threat.

Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow's game against Cleveland. I expect the starters to dominate in another brief appearance. If the young LBs, WRs, and OL make some progress, I'll be delighted.

Aside: Great job extending Brian Dawkins' contract. I would have signed him to a two-year extension, and that's exactly what the Eagles did. Now get to work on Michael Lewis.


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