Friday, September 04, 2009

Post #300

I actually took notes during the game last night. Here are some random thoughts and observations:

  • King Dunlap...really? Beaten on consecutive plays by Vernon Gholston, he looks less and less like an NFL tackle every time I watch him. What's the downside to signing Jon Runyan to a 1-year contract to be our swing tackle?
  • When Eugene Bright dropped that pass, I wrote in my (virtual) notebook..."He's gone." Today, the Eagles released him.
  • Eldra Buckley is running well and looks like he'll win the third tailback job. It's wonderful to have a big tailback to pick up short yardage. He can't pick up the blitz, though.
  • I really like the way Macho Harris plays. At 5'10" I didn't think he had a prayer to be an NFL safety, but he's a tackling machine who always seems to be around the ball. After last night, I'd be less surprised if he wins the starting job over Demps.
  • Moise Fokou looks lost out there. He can't cover a TE and he can't stay in his gap against the run. I'm not happy with our LB play at all this preseason.
  • The run defense was really bad, but it looked a lot better when Mays was in the game.
  • Tony Curtis might really help this team. As a #2 TE, he'll provide solid blocking and a sure-handed redzone target. Exactly what we need. Now trade for Ben Watson, please.
  • Dmitri Patterson and Sean Jones combined on a terrible defensive play to give up a long pass. Neither one found the ball in the air.
  • Jason there any way he won't make the team? Two more sacks, and once again the only Eagle getting pressure on the QB. With him on the opposite side of Trent Cole, we might have something.
  • Several good throws and a few bad ones from Kevin Kolb. I still don't have a strong opinion on this guy, he just looks average.
  • I told you yesterday that Danny Amendola is fun to watch, and he lived up to the billing. He seems like a kid that could contribute as a sixth receiver/return guy, but we couldn't cut Baskett and Brown, right? Maybe we can get him through to the practice squad.
  • Dan Klecko made some plays, but it's probably too little, too late. A hard-working guy that I'd be proud to have on the team, but we're probably only keeping three DTs this season, and he's clearly the fourth-best tackle.
  • Vick looks a lot like McNabb. Can't read a blitz or react to it, likes to run backwards 20 yards before being sacked.
  • Lorenzo Booker played ok, but he's got no shot to make the team. Similar in style to Westbrook and McCoy, but with much less talent.


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