Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Onward Christian Soldiers

Honestly, sometimes I wish there was a Hell. Watching all you Christians burn next to me would make an eternity of torture bearable, maybe even entertaining.

A mentally unstable Christian, inspired by the Army of God's Defensive Action Statement, is calling his murder of an abortion doctor 'justifiable homicide'.

Of course. Never mind the Ten Commandments, never mind that Jesus lived for 33 years without managing to kill a single person. Never mind that the killer had to walk into a fucking church - the House of your God - to execute the abortion doctor.

Oh, but he's just a wacko, right? It wouldn't be fair to judge all Christians by his actions. One bad apple, etc.

Maybe you just put the gun in his hand and told him where to point it. Endlessly sensationalizing the issue - equating unborn fetuses to live babies, equating abortion with murder, and demonizing doctors - implies consent for this violence. Everyone who has an 'abortion is murder' bumper sticker (or tolerates church-mates who do), everyone who identifies himself as a single-issue voter, everyone who pickets and demonstrates against doctors or the heartbroken women who've agonized over the abortion decision - you all have blood on your hands. You have created a culture of confrontation that tries to prevent abortions through bullying. That makes you a killer, and if you truly believe in an all-powerful spirit with a propensity for eternal burning, you better start begging for forgiveness right now.

Maybe instead of demonizing law-abiding doctors and would-be mothers, you should inject a bit of rationality into your political positions. Push for earlier and more sex education, readily available birth control, you know - strategies that have actually been proven to reduce unwanted pregnancies, unlike the bullshit abstinence programs that teenagers simply lie about. Strategies that focus on bringing fewer unwanted babies into this world, not more. Strategies that can prevent the tragedy of unprepared parents neglecting or abusing a child they are unwilling or unable to care for.

Or would you prefer a more personal approach? Go to an inner-city middle school, and tell all the seventh-grade girls that if they have an unwanted pregnancy before they graduate, you will adopt the baby if they carry it to term. You might save half a dozen lives this way.

Of course, then you'd have to actually do something constructive. You'd have to work. You'd have to support and love and raise children. It's not as easy as getting a bumper sticker at church, voting Republican, and waiting for some mentally unstable jackass to do your dirty work. But it would save lives, and that's what is really important, isn't it?

Yeah, I didn't think so. See you in Hell.


At 4:25 PM, Blogger Julie said...

LOL....love you Gene! Missed you in PA, but you've been on your mobile all week...on vacation maybe?


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