Sunday, April 19, 2009

Done Deal

So Peters' contract is 6 years, $60 million. More than I wanted to spend...more than Asante Samuel, who was the premier free agent last season (6 years/$55 million). But if the Eagles truly believe what they're saying, that Peters is the best left tackle in football, then it makes sense to pay him. This is a premier position, along with QB, DE, and CB...and you can clearly see how the Eagles target these premier positions with big contracts.

Next order of business will be signing McNabb to a long-term deal. I expect it to get done before training camp opens.

The Eagles had one of the best OLs in football last year, who tied a team record for sacks allowed, and broke the record for sacks/attempt. But now, once this unit learns to work together (probably 6-8 games) they can be a dominating group. A real weapon that can match up athletically with all the pass-rushing talent in the NFC East and neutralize them. And maybe, just maybe, Andy will take advantage of them by running the ball once in a while.

A guy can hope, right?


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