Thursday, November 08, 2007

Silver Linings

Made the trip to Philly and back yesterday. Amount of gas consumed by the new car: 7 gallons. Amount consumed by the old '93 Accord: 9 gallons. That means my investment of $16,000 has returned a phat $6 so far. It'll take quite a while to recover $16k, $6 at a time, but at least that's moving the right direction. Goldman Sachs is down an amazing 30 points since my self-congratulatory post, and figures to go down again today.

The new car doesn't have Sirius yet. Somehow, both Circuit City and Best Buy don't have the parts in stock to help me. I guess Honda Accords aren't common enough to keep a couple harnesses for that car in the back room. It's a brutal communte anyway, but it's been even tougher without my Money Honey to keep me company.

Tried playing Bioshock on my PC with the SM2 fix, but no love. It's painfully slow and the graphics are all screwed up anyway. Luckily, I'm getting a new ThinkPad for work in a couple weeks, and that will have a better video card than my home PC.


At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Z0r said...

Screw BioShock, you need to play Crysis


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