Friday, August 31, 2007

What I learned about the Eagles this pre-season

  • McNabb is healthy and ready to go.
  • Shawn Andrews is not, which leads me to:
  • The widely-assumed OL depth is not living up to the hype. Neither Scott Young, Max Jean-Gilles, or Nick Cole looked impressive while filling in for Andrews, and the last two looked plain bad at times.
  • The Sav Rocca story was fun while it lasted.
  • The Eagles have adequately replaced Dhani Jones, Darwin Walker, and Jeremiah Trotter on defense. There will be some frustrating mental mistakes, but this group is stronger, faster, and more athletic.
  • They have not adequately replaced Rod Hood. Both William James and Joselio Hanson were reportedly having great camps, but I didn't see that success carry over into the pre-season games. Nickel and dime defense could be questionable at times.
  • Takeo Spikes is fully recovered from the Achilles injury and ready to make an impact.
  • This group of RBs is the most talented since the three-headed monster of Staley, a healthy Buckhalter, and a young Westbrook. And yes, we do have a goalline back. Maybe Andy will actually call the occasional run on 3rd-and-1 now.
  • The WRs are much-improved. They aren't household names, but it's the most talented bunch, 1-5, since Mike Quick played in Philly. Greg Lewis, a starter just two years ago, is now fifth of the depth chart. It should be fun when the Eagles line up in 3- and 4-WR want to cover Jason Avant with your 3rd CB? Hank Baskett with your 4th? Good luck to you...
  • Kevin Kolb is a NFL QB. The Eagles had him rated higher than Brady Quinn, and I thought they were nuts, but he's been the better of the two so far.
  • As much as I killed the draft this year, I think it's going to end up being a very good one. I really like Stewart Bradley...another year or two and I don't see how the Eagles will be able to keep him off the field. He's already the primary backup at two LB spots. Kolb looks like the real deal, Tony Hunt will fill a glaring need for this team, and Victor Abiamiri looks like a part of the DE rotation for years.

I'm ready for some football.


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