Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OD for TO?

Terrel Owens reportedly attempted suicide last night, and I can't stop smiling about it. There are few people who are bigger narcissistic, self-promoting, backstabbers than TO. He finally took his self-destructive antics to a higher level, and chugged 35 painkillers in a lame (failed) attempt to do himself in. The only thing that could make this situation any funnier is if he'd actually succeeded.

Jerry Jones gave him $5 million in guaranteed money this offseason, and another couple million in salary, to be the Distraction in Dallas. Bill Parcells has resented him from the start...refusing to show up for his introductory press conference, and never referring to him by name (calling him only "the player"). He did such a good job of maginalizing him from the team that TO reacted in the only way left to him to create attention.

This story will be spun all sorts of ways in the next couple of days as the Rosenhaus brothers and Jerry Jones play damage control. But no matter how they spin do the Cowboys expect him to be a productive football player who has a net positive effect on their team? TO is a cancer at his best, but still a major distraction when he's off his game. I won't be suprised at all to see him on the non-football injury list after this incident.

Jerry, you should have made a big pile of your $7 million and set it on fire. Your team would be better for it today.

And TO...better luck next time.


At 4:26 PM, Blogger millhousethecat said...

Um, please remove this offensive post. Clearly TO was kidding when he took those natural supplements for pain related to his broken hand.


TO's publicist


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