Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pirates Movie Review

Pirates of the Carribean, Part Two, is mildly entertaining. It is campy adventure with good special effects. You won't care about the characters or become intensely involved in the pot, but overall it's a harmless waste of time.


There was one really excellent scene at the end, that almost made it worth watching 2.5 hours of mediocrity. First, Orlando Bloom catches a peek of his love swapping spit with Jack Sparrow. And although I realize he's just an actor who's pretending to be crestfallen, it makes me happy to imagine that Orlando Bloom is feeling pain. Then, during the kiss, she slaps a manacle on Sparrow's wrist, chaining him to the mast of the doomed ship. Knowing she's just sentenced him to death, she looks him in the eyes and says "I'm not sorry." Ouch.


Got my poker bankroll up over $1000, so I started playing in $20 tournaments. I've had little success so far, hanging around for a while but losing a few spots out of the money. Surprisingly, the quality of play is little different from the $4 tournaments. I imagine that once the field narrows toward the end, that there will be more good players remanining. But so far, it's nothing I can't handle.


At 4:42 PM, Blogger millhousethecat said...

Mildly being the key phrase here. JC said that he dozed off a few times during the movie.


He paid $8.50 for a cat nap.


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