Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hollywood Ending

My hockey game last night had the climactic ending of a predictable Hollywood script.

Down 2-0, we score with 8 minutes left to pull within one. With 35 seconds remaining, we score again to tie it.

We are tied for the final playoff spot with two other teams, so we huddle up and decide to play for the win. We pull the goalie.

As we skate out to center ice, we notice that the other team, also in the race for the final playoff spot, has pulled their goalie as well.

We played the final 35 seconds of the game with no goalies at all. It's the only time in many years of watching and playing hockey that I can recall a situation like that.

We scored the final goal literally as time expired. I had to look at the ref to see if it was going to count. There was no faceoff after the goal, the clock ticked to 0.0 as the puck crossed the line. Absolutely incredible.

We're still not guaranteed a playoff spot, as we need either the Hounds or the Jolly Scots to lose on Wednesday. And even if we do squeak in, it promises to be a quick and ignominious exit. But it's nice to know that at least for one night, we came through under pressure, and clawed our way to a much-needed victory.


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