Friday, March 19, 2010

A Nod to Tebow

I'm admittedly a Tim Tebow-hater. I am rooting for him to fail, so that he doesn't have a platform to spout his ultra-religious views. Besides, it's pure joy when someone as universally loved as Tebow falls on his face, and legions of genuflecting fans are left heartbroken.

But even though I want him to fail, and I've predicted that he'll never play QB in the NFL, his recent pro day has shaken my conviction.

Both his footwork and his throwing motion are vastly improved, in only a six-week period. Of course, he was throwing against air - he wasn't playing in the fourth-quarter of a high-pressure game with bodies flying around him - but still, his improvement was called "ridiculous" by respected college scout Mike Mayock.

The history of QBs changing their throwing motion is stacked against Tebow. I can't think of a single example of a quarterback who was able to drastically alter their mechanics while maintaining accuracy...but during Florida's Pro Day, Tebow looked more accurate than he did during his college career. It's normal for QBs to make tweaks, but sometimes even minor changes can cause problems, since throwing motions are instinctual, formed the first time a boy picks up a stone and tosses it at a stop sign.

The workout wasn't perfect - according to Todd McShay, there were four times he reverted to his waist-high, windmill delivery - but when NFL coaches see that much improvement over a six-week timespan, they'll be very excited to get him into their systems and give him a year or two of practice to solidify the new mechanics.

He's still got work to do, and he certainly isn't going to be an impact player as a rookie, but I now definitely believe he'll be drafted by the end of the second a quarterback. It will not surprise me if he plays, and wins games, as a QB in the NFL. His arm strength and athletic ability, combined with an unbelievable determination and work ethic, will earn him a chance to prove himself.

Let's just hope it's not with the Eagles.


At 11:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I've heard more than one ESPN radio talking head say the Steelers would be a good fit for Tebow. They say he can come in and hold the clip board for a few years, refine his technique and then take over when Big Ben gets his 98th concussion from not sliding feet first on his scrambles.

I think Tebow could actually help Roethlisberger should they wind up teammates though. Surely Ben's morality needle is on "E" and Tebow has plenty to spare. Just think how much easier life would be for Ben if he wasn't defending himself against some legal action EVERY off season. And think how much easier life would be for the Steelers if they didn't have to ask themselves "Will Roethlisberger be wearing our uniform or an Allegheny County Prison uniform" every July.

Oh that Big Ben's legal troubles were an integral and I had the Euler number to make them go away.

Well, back to studying for my math quiz......


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