Sunday, March 07, 2010

Free agency - What are they thinking?

With Big Red reiterating once again that McNabb is his QB for next season - a 33-year-old in the last year of his contract - you would have expected the Eagles to fill a few roster holes with free agents and make one more run for the Super Bowl, right? But no - Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor were signed by the Bears, safety Antrel Rolle went to the division rival Giants, safety Kerry Rhodes is a Jet, and Aaron Kampman joined the Jags.

But never fear, the Eagles did make a move to improve their team in free agency - they released their best linebacker from last season.

Surely, this means that Andy Reid is blowing smoke, and McNabb is going to be traded any day now, right? With an uncertain labor situation in 2011, I could understand going with a young team in 2010 while Kolb gains experience. But ignoring veteran free agents who could help the Eagles this year makes no sense if you're going to ride the old horse one more time.

I sure hope the Eagles have a plan, because all I've see so far is a smug belief that standing still will somehow close the gap with the Cowboys.


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