Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bye Shawn

Shawn Andrews, the brohawk-sporting, nonsense-tweeting, Phelps-rapping Big Kid, is today (finally) an ex-Eagle.

A one-time Pro Bowler and first-round pick, Andrews has missed three full years of his career due to injury. The last two were caused by back problems, exacerbated by depression, lack of motivation, and overall flakiness. Football players with eccentric personalities are one thing, but Andrews is an unstable knucklehead that is no longer worth the big contract extension he signed. Comedically, I'll miss him, but from a football standpoint, the Eagles are well rid of his distraction.

In other news, they've traded a fourth-round draft pick and Chris Clemons for Darryl Tapp, and underperforming DE from Seattle. It's a depth move with possible upside, but nothing to get overly excited about. Tapp is a former second-rounder who has not lived up to his potential...the Eagles obviously believe that a change of system and change of scenery will help him improve. I hope they are right, but I won't be holding my breath for a breakthrough.

Additionally, RB Mike Bell has signed an offer sheet, and will become an Eagle if the Saints to do not match the offer. I don't know why they decided to sign him instead of Justin Fargas, but I do think Bell is a decent player. They definitely needed a veteran RB, and he's a bigger back that should complement McCoy, but Bell is not a difference-maker. 3.8 ypc last year, and a career short-yardage conversion percentage that is slightly below average.


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