Monday, March 23, 2009

We need a new word

It's too obvious, but something that combines hypocrite and politician would be useful. Hypotician and polycrite just don't work.

The GOP is now predicting financial doomsday if the Obama budget passes. This is the same GOP who relentlessly and egregiously exploded the national debt during their years in power. I've criticized Obama's financial plans myself, but I've been railing against ballooning debt - and offering solutions - for years. It's also quite funny to note that Obama's planning to "halve the deficit in the next four years", which is exactly, I mean exactly what George Bush proposed upon his re-election. For all the change Obama promised, it's disgusting - though sadly unsurprising - that he's starting off by repeating a promise of the biggest failure ever to share his office.

The time for half-measures with our debt are long past. We need to balance the budget now. We need to start filling in the hole, not making promises to dig a little slower in the future.


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out a pictorial object lesson of TARP below:

If only we could make these financial troubles go away the way 'e' makes integrals go away. Or if we could make the propounders of this lunacy disappear I'd be happy with that too.


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