Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Moment in the Sun

Pennsylvanians got their say yesterday, in a presidential primary that wasn't already decided (sort of) and we rejected the Liberal Messiah by a significant 10-point margin.

Of course, it's a longshot that the results will matter anyway...Obama's delegate lead is basically insurmountable, even with his comfortable margin of defeat.

So what was his downfall in the Keystone State? Was it his liberal voting record, in fact the most liberal of 2006? Was it his disappointing results among blue-collar voters? Was it the poor performance in the final debate? Or was it his characterization of small-town Pennsylvanians (elitist snobbery, perhaps, but does that make the statement wrong?)

You know what really scares me about Obama? I thought at first he was a true believer of his populist diatribe, that the policies he hopes to implement would make the country a better place. Yet the debate revealed a different motivator.

Obama plans to balance the budget by raising taxes, and one of the taxes he wants to raise is the capital gains tax. When confronted by the debate moderator with statistics showing that raising the capital gains tax rate actually reduces the amount of tax receipts instead of raising it (since the rich put their money in other investements, something the mutual-fund 401k middle-class crowd doesn't have the flexibility to do), Obama didn't stop and debate the statistics, like a true-believer Keynesian. No, he essentially let the statistics stand, and said only that he wanted to raise marginal tax rates on the rich because it was "fair".

I wasn't voting for him anyway, but that would have been the clincher if I was undecided. Obama, by his own words, isn't interested in fixing the economy. He's not interested in balancing the budget and expanding the pie for everyone. Nope, he's more interested in being Robin Hood, and wants to take more money from the rich just because they are rich, not because it solves any economic problems.

Obama's a hater. His comments about small town residents reveal it, and his economic policy reveals it. All his rhetoric about bringing America together is a thin veil over his true desire - to make everyone equal by tearing down the rich. He despises those who are less educated than himself, only slightly less than he despises those who are more successful. He's a communist, not out of delusion that it makes life better for everyone, but out of knowing malice.

Hillary's a self-serving politician. She may be fake and manipulative, but Obama's evil. Make no mistake about it, and cast your vote accordingly in November.


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