Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time to sign Vick

Here's a quote from my review of the preseason game against the Bengals:
The Michael Vick Experiment is clearly a failure, but the Eagles remain steadfastly in character as they refuse to admit it. He's so incredibly careless with the ball, the Birds will be unable to win a game if he's forced to start. The most expensive backup QB in the NFL is also one of the worst, and he's all ours.

In that game, Vick finished 1-5 for 6yds and two interceptions. He looked slow and inaccurate, and made poor decisions.

The difference between that game and the one he played against the Redskins on Monday is unbelievable. I've never witnessed such a turnaround - from looking washed up to the NFL's best player in 10 weeks.

But there can't be any doubt now. Better mechanics have led to improved accuracy. He won't always play as well as he did Monday, but the fact that he's capable of embarrassing an opponent will change the way teams defend the Eagles. Defenses will give the running backs and receivers room to operate underneath, dropping both safeties deep to prevent the big play - both from Vick's arm and his legs. The press man coverage that Green Bay used to stifle the smaller Eagles receivers? Forget about it, because as soon as those corners turn around, Vick can take off and run for twenty yards. The Eagles will see a steady diet of two-deep and three-deep zones, which means simpler preparation, easier reads, and more consistent success. Vick doesn't have to be an All-Pro every week, if he plays great one out of every four, mediocrity will suffice for the other three. Not to mention the increased merchandise sales and prime time appearances for a team with the NFL's most exciting player.

I'd offer Vick a 5-year, $80 million contract with $40 million guaranteed. You could even twist my arm into an extra year (6/$100 million) as long as the guaranteed money remains at $40 million. I wouldn't bother with a special personal conduct clause, because he's not any more at risk of doing something self-destructive than any other 30-year-old millionaire athlete. He's more at risk for a career-ending injury than a repeat of dogfighting.

And if Vick's smart, he'll sign it immediately. He's a huge injury risk, and there might be a lockout next why turn down $40 million today for (maybe) $50 million two years from now?

Which means, of course, that Kolb would get traded in the offseason. I like the way the kid has handled himself, and I've been hoping for him to succeed, but there's no denying Vick's superior performance. Kolb may be a good NFL QB, but it'll have to be somewhere else. End the speculation about the future and sign Vick now.


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