Monday, September 20, 2010

If only...

My dad was a Steelers fan. It would have been easy to follow in his footsteps. I could be following a team that plays smart, disciplined football and brutally physical defense. A team with six Super Bowl victories and a young coach who will only improve.

Instead, I'm an Eagles fan. My team has a stubborn coach, a turnstile offensive line, and a defense giving up 30 points a game. The Eagles couldn't contain Jahvid Best, playing in his second NFL game, while the Steelers shut down Chris Johnson, who's coming off a 2000-yd season.

But true fandom doesn't work that way, unfortunately. My best football memories involve guys like Herman Edwards, Mike Quick, Reggie White, Andre Waters, and Randall Cunningham. The green-and-silver is in my instead of six championships, I have sit-ups in T.O.'s driveway, and a puking QB.

Yesterday was sickening. I DVRed the game so I could watch it again and really break it down, but I'm not sure I can stand to see it a second time.

The good news, and you have to look hard for it, is that the rest of the NFC East lost yesterday. So my Eagles are in first place. And while it may seem foolish to point that out after only two weeks, I know this may be my last chance.

Kolb comes back next week, and I don't know how he'll survive behind that line. A good coach would pound the ball, throw a lot of screen passes, and roll him out of the pocket to try and keep him alive. But we're talking about Andy Reid, so get ready for more chuck-and-duck.


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