Sunday, September 05, 2010

Farewell, Sisters Andrews

Finally, they're gone.

The Eagles can now see the end to the shameless whining and excuse-making of Stacy Andrews, who likes hard work and football about as much as his goofy brother. Traded for a 7th-round pick to the Seahawks, and replaced in the starting lineup by the hard-working but barely mediocre Nick Cole, his expensive tenure in Philly will soon be forgotten. And yet, the gulf of talent between the two is reassuring instead of daunting. When Nick Cole screws up this season, and he'll screw up often, at least we'll know that he cares, and he'll try hard to improve. And if he's incompetent, there's a couple more journeymen behind him who will work their asses off to take his spot. There won't be excuses or youtube videos, just football.

With the signing of DT Jeff Owens to the practice squad, that means the Eagles have all 13 draft picks on their roster*. That's an awful lot of turnover for an 11-5 team. But it's comforting, especially when you consider the Redskins cut four of their first six draft picks from April. And I would not say the Eagles kept the rookies around simply out of arrogance or pride. They drafted talent, and each one of these guys earned their spot.

*Two exceptions, sort of: Ricky Sapp was placed on IR, and Chad Scott was traded for rookie Jorrick Calvin. Since Calvin made the active roster, I'm ok with counting him.


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